For support queries please email, or leave a comment below. General support information will be posted on this page as it appears.

13 thoughts on “Support

  1. Daniel says:

    I have made a setlist with some songs. Every song have some notes. Why do i have to write all this notes all over again when i make another setlist with some of the same songs as i jused before? I think that these notes should be savner with the song. Maybe this can be done in a app-utdate?

    Daniel (keyboards in Sonic Debris)

    • bpnjon says:

      Hi Daniel,

      Thanks for your feedback. The ‘notes’ feature was originally designed for notes specific to that performance, like small arrangement details etc, but I can see how it would be useful to have notes saved with the song. I’m releasing a new version of the app in the next few days, so I’ll try to find a good way to make that work.

      Cheers, Jon

  2. bpnjon says:

    Just to say that the latest version on the app store (free update) allows you to add notes per-song or per-set. Hope that helps your situation.

  3. Daniel Marken says:

    Hey! I have a new Ipad-mini and want to use my SetList Live. I have it on my iPhone and have created alot of shows and songs there. Do i need to create everything once again when i start using it on my Ipad? Hope not 🙂

    Daniel M.

    • bpnjon says:

      Hey Daniel,

      Full backup and restore is a feature coming in a later version. However for now, it’s possible to transfer individual shows just using the Bluetooth sharing. If you choose the “add songs to library option” then this will populate your iPad’s library with the songs from the transferred show.

      Hope that helps, and let me know if you need more info.


  4. Jeremy says:

    I’d like to see the metronome flash each beat. Or for this to bean option. Although the on-off flash of the current one still gives the time, I keep seeing it in half-time. When there is meter specified, I’d prefer to see beats light up in a visual sequence (eg – – – – for 4/4) rather than the changing colour disc. Alternatively, counting out the beats in numerals would work for me. The metronome function is the ,reason I purchased this app. Hope you can improve it in next update! Oh andBTW, it appears partially obscured by the time and battery info on my iPad.

    • bpnjon says:

      Hi Jeremy. Thanks for the comment. I experimented with the metronome behaviour you’re suggesting in an earlier version, and wasn’t able to get a satisfactory result from it without making too many assumptions about how you’re subdividing the pulse. However you’ve set me thinking and I think I can see a way of getting it to pulse in a helpful way. There’s a big update on the way so I’ll see if I can get some time to add it to that. If you want to get an early version of that to try, then let me know and I can sort that out when it’s ready. Cheers, Jon

  5. Clayton says:

    Hi. I cant hear the metronome. Please help

    • bpnjon says:

      Hi Clayton. The reason you can’t hear the metronome is because it’s just a visual one. The idea is to be able to look at your set list and get a count in quickly. There are apps that do full-featured metronome better. At some point I’d like to upgrade the metronome functionality and include audio, if that’s something enough people are interested in.

  6. Paulo says:

    Could you put lyrics on touch on title in live set List?
    I have some issues. I can’t load more than 42 songs by apple library, command doesn’t work properly.

    • bpnjon says:

      Hi Paulo,

      Sorry for the slow reply. Lyrics are a future plan when I get some development time. Could you tell me more about the problem with loading songs from the music library?

      Thanks, Jon

  7. Richard Crawford says:

    Why no lyrics storage? I have an older version
    called live setlist that had that capability.

    • bpnjon says:

      Hi Richard,

      I’m sorry you’re having trouble. There was never a version of this app with lyrics storage. It’s earmarked for a potential future version.

      Best, Jon

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